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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> they willw em. they fought for us .sn no't been in vw let's fight forw them their sacrifice. them their sacrifice. >> >> call the number on yourfor ay screen or go online to pva hero dot org to make a life changing difference. for a paralyzed veteran. >> today, good evening. welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, here's a thought experiment for you. if you wanted to turn a free country into a dictatorship, not that anyone would want to do that. but let's say you did want to do that. how would you do it? what's the first freedom you would curtail? hmm. well, turns out the founders of this country thought very deeply about that question. they were making a new country and they wanted to avoid dictatorship. and they concluded that it wasn't even close.
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the freedom that matters is the freedom to speak your mind, the freedom of speech. that's the most basic and essential of all the freedoms. and that's why it's enshrined in the very first amendment to the bill of rights. it's central not simply to freedom, but to humanity. it's not opposable thumbs that separate us from the animalsk. that's our power. words in the beginning was the word, declares john . at the opening of the fourth gospel, the word the word is the most important thing that we have. take away our ability to choose our own words, and we are no longer fully human. we are subjects. we're chattel. authoritarians understand this. above all, that's why they hate freedom of speech. in fact, if you gave them a choice, they'd let you have a fully automatic 50 caliber machine gun before they allowed you to say exactly what you want with a gun, you might be able to kill people, but with words you can expose them
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. with words you can change the world. in fact, there has never been a change, a deep change to the way people live and think. it didn't begin with words, not with might, not with violence, but with words. >> that's why they're so obsessively focused on what you can say on the words you can use, because they understand the power of words. and elon musk, whatever his faults may be , understands this, too. and that's why he's trying to buy twitter, because he needs another company. no. and elon musk purchasing twitter is more than just a potential change. the media landscape. it is a true existential threat to hegemony of the people currently in charge, allowing freedom of speech means the possibility of a revolution from below against the forces destroying this country in the west. so everything rides on this. they know it. you may not, but they do. so they've got to do everything they can to destroy elon musk, who was just the other day a hero to them. he's the electric car guy.
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remember, they don't even mention his electric cars anymore because he's doing the one thing you're not allowed to do, which is giving voice to people. so since april, they've been trying to destroy elon musk. >> first, they called him a racist. he's from south africa. it must be a racist. when it turns out he was too rich to care. they moved on to new tactics. so then ngos funded by george soros commanded companies to pull their ad money away from twitter, will starve him out. then some saudi prince tried to argue that elon musk was somehow underpaying for twitter . when it's very obvious, look at the markets that he's overpaying. and then the washington post's max boot got involved because this was another war he could support. so in order to save democracy, max boot informed us we need more content. moderation on twitter. no free speech allowed. of course, content moderation is a euphemism for censorship. and who to censorship help always everywhere. the powerful goodness that hurt the weak words are all they have. take their ability to say what they think away from them,
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and they have no power at all. so tonight, after roughly six months of watching this drama, which is going in and out of the news cycle, it looks like they have failed to stop elon musk from buying twitter. all indications that we have as of right now are that the deal will go through. twitter is just locked. it's employee stock, and that indicates some kind of transaction is imminent. and then a source tells the show that there is a very high probability, 90% probability that the next two weeks elon musk will own twitter. and he has said repeatedly and we can't guess the future, but he has said he is doing this in order to give voice to people who have no voice. all of us have forgotten that twitter banned a sitting president of the united states from speaking, thereby making it really clear who's got the real power. no, not the u.s. government. transnational corporations like twitter, which controls speech . so they did everything they could to stop this from happening, but they failed. so now they're attempting to destroy elon musk, the man again. to be clear, we don't know elon musk. we're not carrying water for elon musk.
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you may have weird genius we don't know about, but it's only about speech. >> that's it. and that's why the justice department is now investigating elon musk for reasons that no one can explain. but that's what the doj does. now, try to terrify people with criminal investigations into obeying. then david frum naturally got involved because there's no level to which he will not stoop in defense of the people in charge. and he is now calling for the biden administration to seize elon musk's satellites, the ones that he's given for free to the government of ukraine for use in their war effort against russia. quote, the u.s. should have a plan ready to nationalize starlink. the satellite company fast. if musk cuts off ukraine's connections to advances political agenda, wrote david frum. his political agenda. if you don't like his politics, just sees his stuff. and of course, at the core of politics, this is all that matters is the call for ordinary americans to be able to say what they really think. just take his stuff by force.
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cnn, meanwhile, is calling musk an agent of russia because he will continue to provide access to a satellite to ukraine free of charge watch without starlink. ukraine says it can't fight. last week, reports emerged of widespread sudden starlink outages on the front line as troops fought to take back territory. >> they are puzzled about why that's going on . is that something that spacex is doing intentionally? >> is that coming from elon? no one is quite sure. the outages and news of the funding request to the pentagon come as musk support of ukraine is also questioned after he proposed a peace deal suggesting that ukraine relinquish crimea to russia and hold u.n. backed referenda for parts of eastern ukraine. that peace plan was so widely seen in ukraine as being pro-russian that one ukrainian diplomat told elon musk to bluntly f off. >> oh, okay. so the guy with his eyes too
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close together. oh, really? it's about russian. you do with russian ukraine. you think they care about russian ukraine? of course not. if they did, they would be pushing a peace deal to save russian ukrainian lives. they don't care. it's about domestic politics. it's about the united states . and it's about elon musk committing the one unforgivable sin, which is trying to allow you to say what you really think about the people in charge to make the contest a little less asymmetrical, to give you a little power. and they're terrified that he will succeed. >> so what we're seeing is the desperation of a regime that's the political regime, but a cultural regime, a class of people running the country who feel like they are losing power and they're panicked. you can feel it in their hysteria. the hectoring lifestyle liberals, the one who worked to crush the american spirit, freedom, independence of mind, masculinity, those people, the ones you've been yelling on television for the past five years, feel like holy smokes, it's all slipping away. if the proles get to talk, we're in deep trouble. ready to helicopters from the roof of the embassy. we got to get out of here.
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but it's interesting. >> unlike previous regimes, these are not people uniforms. these are chirpy, middle aged women who are telling you, you better obey for your own good. >> brandy zed's rosnay of nbc news, for example, we showed a clip of her the other day talking to her singsongy voice about we're going to need a lot more censorship in this country. >> mm . yeah, just for your own good. no, you can't go to the bathroom. shut up. it'll pay well. right. right. okay, this is the face of soul crushing fascist liberal. this is what we've had before. this is what we have now. >> and people like brandy, esdras, ne are it stormtroopers. she literally wrote a guide for how to reveal where people live, how to dock's them if they are guilty of wrong. think this is a person who targets a anonymous posters online if they disagree with her and then sits back and watches what happens.
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a lot of cases, their lives are destroyed. and for that, for that service, that dutiful service to the people in charge, corporate media celebrates her as a hero . they have her on constantly to call for even. can you guess even more censorship? >> we're at the tail end of the rally right now. and , you know, you hear a lot about this is an anti mandate rally. that's what a lot of people told us coming in. a lot of the people who are here parroted that language. but all of the speakers that we've seen today have been it's been a misinformation fest. we've seen misinformation about the so-called dangers of vaccines. this is a very extreme message. and we may not see harm out on the streets like we saw on january six . but health experts say that this causes harm just the same . it's mandates do seem to work to get people, the majority of people, even people who are prone to conspiracy, thinking to say, i don't want to lose my job or, you know, i want to fly on that plane or whatever the the mandate, whatever the mandates ruling. and so, like that, that is some
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good news. and , you know, we have, you know, the first amendment and we have like specific things in our country that make it a little more difficult to regulate speech on the internet . >> and i just think that it's a very hard problem. oh, there are people out there who don't want to lose their jobs. they want to fly an airplanes, but they can't for their own good. shut up. >> stop talking. the problem for people like randy and the literally hundreds of people just like her in corporate media, all of whom wake up every morning trying to figure out how to serve power as efficiently as they can is that no one believes them anymore. no one takes them seriously anymore. they've been caught lying one too. many times. so people really no longer care if they're called names. you're trafficking in misinformation. you're a conspiracy nut. you're a racist. yeah, okay. i don't care what you say. you're totally discredited. you're a joke. and that suggests that there
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is a change coming. we may have a country very soon where people can say what they actually think. and when they do that, they will be able to live with dignity again, like free people. >> and you're seeing indications of this. you're seeing people run for office who will not be control old by unfair, in fact, ludicrous attacks on their opponents. they've unshackled themselves. they've taken off the leash. vance is one of them. he's running for senate in ohio. he's running against a guy called tim ryan . so tim ryan is worried he's going to lose. in fact, he is going to lose. >> we're going to celebrate when he does. but tim ryan to say, well, i got to stop jd vance and i want to argue with him on any of the issues because i actually don't have a better argument, you know, to do not call him a racist. that'll stop him. you're a racist. okay, what's your jd vance responded last night from the ohio senate debate. >> this great replacement theory was the motivator for the shooting in buffalo, where that shooter had all these great replacement theory writings. >> a jd vance agrees with some sicko, got this information
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that he's peddling with , again, those extremists that he runs around with . marjorie taylor greene, ted cruz, all these guys, they just want to stoke this racial violence. we're tired of it. jd , this is disgusting. i'd like to get here exactly. what happens when the media and people like tim ryan accuse me of engaging the great, great replacement theory of battling it? i'll tell you exactly what happens, tim. what happens is that my own children, my biracial children get attacked by scumbags online and in person because you are so desperate for political power that you'll accuse me, the father of three beautiful biracial babies of engaging in racism. >> we are sick of it. you can believe in a border without being a racist. you can believe in the country without being a racist. and this just shows how desperate this is for political power. >> yeah, we're sick of it. and it's such a vance who's sick of it. it's virtually every normal
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person who lives here of all colors and all political backgrounds. are sick of it. >> shut up, they explained. no, we're not going to shut up. how's that? >> we're going to keep talking. jenny vance leading the way on this on this attitude, which really is a huge change for a politician, joins us tonight . thank you so much for coming on for the fact that you were completely intimidated by that scurrilous attack on your character. i think that tells the rest of us a lot about what the future is going to look like. >> and it's good news. >> yeah, i hope so, tucker, because here's the thing. when these guys accuse us of being racist, they don't do it because they want to promote racial harmony. in the country. they don't do it because they want to give black, black or brown americans more opportunities in the united states of america. of course, these are all honorable things to accomplish. they're doing it because they want to despise us americans from participation in their own country. they call people racist because they want to silence your political opinion. they want an excuse to steal your wealth. that's what all of this is .
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and when we realize that the left the media, the politicians on the democrat side are engaged in this total sham, which, again, it's not about helping anybody, it's only about hurting and silencing the majority of the country. when we realize that we should just ignore them, we should scorn them, we should laugh at them, because that's exactly what they deserve. yeah. >> and at a certain point, i mean, the jig is up. i mean, another emasculated white liberal telling me that he speaks for black people. like, how long can this really tim ryan , nancy, who put you in charge of that, which is folks to black people? like what is this? why are we playing along with this? >> yeah, absolutely. it's the craziest thing, especially when you consider that tim ryan , my democrat opponent here, has proposed a lot of a lot of policies, tucker, that make our streets less safe , which, of course, is is unpopular with both black and white americans. he's supported a lot of
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economic policies that have dispossessed the working class of every race and color hue in this country. >> these guys know they cannot win a fair fight. >> they cannot win a fair argument. so, tucker, what do they do? they accuse to attacking us and calling us racists. and this is such an important thing for us . to push back against, tucker, because we cannot win the argument of the future if we're so terrified of the democrats calling us bad names that we're we're unwilling to actually stand up for our own values and our own principles. >> well, exactly. and if you're terrified of being called a racist, like maybe you are, i mean, if you're not, why does it right and you are not afraid because you're not is really simple. and i'm just grateful to see in action. jd vantz, thank you for coming on . >> thanks, tucker. so we paid a lot of attention to the senate race in the commonwealth of pennsylvania because john fetterman is in it, who is literally unable to speak. >> it's kind of transfixed watching, but it's not the only important race in that state. this fall.
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there is a race for governor . it's between the democrat, josh shapiro, and the republican state senator , doug mastrianni. so mastro's, one of those guys, you're not allowed to talk about her like his like he is absolutely beyond the pale somehow, sort of like carrie lake was. you can't mention their names or something. maybe that's because he's actually pretty impressive. he served for three decades in the u.s. army. he may be able to flip the state, pennsylvania politically. >> and we are honored to have him join this restaurant. thank you so much for coming on . it's just interesting you were they identified you early as someone who was a threat and tried to make you completely unacceptable even to talk about you must have been after 30 years in uniform, were you surprised to see this? >> i actually was. you thought maybe the establishment welcome as a career solider, you know, 30 years in the army, from the cold war to desert storm to afghanistan, multiple tours, you know, and loving our country. and instead of riding off to
10:17 pm
the sunset for a comfortable retirement, i couldn't do it, tucker, because the country really is flailing. and so stepped into the arena. you know, all the experts out there and all the polling places said there was no way i could win the primary in pennsylvania. cap at at 26%. and one of the most contentious primaries in pennsylvania is history since nineteen seventy eight . at least you we won with almost half the vote there with a mandate and our movement is huge. we're going to take back the state and it's very important. it's just not another gubernatorial race. i mean, i believe the future of the nation is hinged upon the outcome in pennsylvania. the governor level, because not just because of our history as the birthplace of our nation ,but also we're sitting on what i call freedom, gas and oil and coal. so on day one , we're going to drill and dig like never before. and hopefully lead our nation at its economic malaise that we're in. >> and you're running against such a cookie cutter hack, because just like every single other person in charge, i mean, how could i mean, is there anyone in pennsylvania who thinks this is going great? >> i just want a little more of this.
10:18 pm
we're not safer. he's been the attorney general for six years. and john adams, our second president , said facts are stubborn things on my opponent's watch as the attorney general, crime has gone nearly 40%. homicides are record levels in philadelphia on track for six this year. a thousand carjackings, four thousand robberies. i mean, it's insane. and the entire state is watching it collapse fentanyl forthe worse in a nation in a 12 to 15 pennsylvanians dying every day. and it's ironic, tucker, just a couple of days ago, my opponent tweeted out, we need to do something about crime. i'm like, dude, where you been the past six years? he is too radical. for our state, you know? >> i mean, he's literally the chief law enforcement officer of a state that's falling apart because of crime and drugs. like maybe he should have to answer some questions. i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you very much. don't seem radical to me. >> thanks for having me on . god bless you. so why is it that the left is all of a sudden so intent? i'm putting your children in physical proximity to
10:19 pm
men dressed as women talking about , how they used to be like illegal. but it's happening everywhere. we've got footage, new footage from texas restaurant over the weekend. we'll talk to the man who filmed it. plus the show can reveal that a major catholic university is promoting chemical castration for minors. we'll tell you who and where next. hunting biden is the most protected person in the country. money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying. you have the laptop infamous big guy email. the son of vice president is doing deals funded by the chinese government. there are so many pieces of evidence the media has ignored because they wanted joe biden elected president . ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i am here to defend joe biden, who were attempting to influence policy. objection, your honor.
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let's look at photographs. this is what i think of these photographs. you really have no way of knowing what was said between him and these people. committed by bribery. hirano, where he's going to try my case, try not to lose it at this time. acrostic should rests the trial of hunter by streaming all this week exclusive fox nation sign up at fox nation .com. hi, folks. it's a medicare annual enrollment period. >> and this year it's simple one before the deadline. call the number below to check your zip code for a medicare advantage plan with prescribed dental care and the benefit that adds money. back to your social security check every month. three , you'll find what you're eligible for. aep has a deadline call. now, i called to find a plan that covers more of my dental expenses. i call every year to make sure my doctor is still on my plan. i call to find a plan
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. >> call liberty legal now to see if you're eligible with five seven five five three five one. >> so it used to be like last year. the one thing you can do is sexualize children. you want to go do whatever you want your life. no problem. no one's going to stop you or judge you. but you can't sexualize kids because they're kids. that's molestation or species of it. we're totally against this. the one thing we're against all of a sudden you're seeing footage, a lot of footage of children being dragged to drag shows where transvestites you're trying sexualize them. >> it's all over the internet. so what is going on here now? >> you assumed that it was confined to places like berkeley, california, or wherever, where the the leading edge of weirdness. but that's not true. sarah gonzales from the blaze tv just attended an all ages drag show last weekend in plano, texas. >> here's some footage that she shot gabby.
10:25 pm
>> now, to be clear, kids were there because organizers wanted kids to be there. on your screen, you're seeing an event page from best drag shows .com and advertises tickets for an upcoming event in november. the bottom of the flier says that minors are allowed, if accompanied by a parent or guardian. now, apparently, this is not a crime in the state of texas. it's certainly a huge moral crime that nobody should accept . you're not tolerant if you accept this sexualizing children is totally wrong. it's the most wrong thing of all. and it just shows a totally passive and out of it. the rest of us are that we haven't acknowledged that and done something about actually done something about it. sarah gonzalez has done something about it. she works at plays tv. she joins us tonight. sarah , thanks so much for coming on . >> i mean, am i misreading this ? i can't even say the lyrics on tv.
10:26 pm
i don't think i'm prude in any sense. but they're kids. they're like, what? yeah, you're not misreading it. tucker and i would also say there was a later part of the event where they were handing out toys as prizes for contest winners. so this is something that was overtly . they clearly said all ages welcome and now apparently the left is gaslighting me into into thinking that i'm somehow the crazy one for having a problem with this. and , you know, it's interesting, tucker, because the excuse that they always use is , well, i thought you guys were the party of parental rights. and if you don't like it, just don't take your kid. parental rights does not apply to child abuse. this is clear child abuse. this is the sexual abuse of children, which we used to the left and the right. we used to be able to agree with a really, really bad thing and we can't do it. but the left has become so radicalized that they are trying to normalize this and excuse it so what about gladd and equal rights campaign and these hugely well-funded gay rights groups that kind of existed to push for gay marriage? they got a great.
10:27 pm
but are they on board with this? i mean, this is such a moral atrocity, it's hard to believe that adults are for it. but they are. >> yeah, i think that there is a subsector of adults within these organizations that are not maybe don't agree with it, but they don't have the courage to speak up. they are scared of being canceled. and my message to them is you have to be on the right side of history here because eventually we will win out. and you don't want to be caught on the wrong side or, you know, excusing misbehavior. it's absolutely inexcusable. and anyone who does not stand up and speak out about it is just as culpable, quite frankly, republican or democrat . >> what i don't i don't even understand. i mean, maybe i'm just dumb, but why would you want to get kids involved? and we had this pretty fair deal where people, you know, you go do your thing, i'll do my thing. i mean, that's been the case in this country for the 50 years i've been here. and all of a sudden, it's like, no, we have to get kids involved. what i mean, why why would you want kids involved? >> yeah, i mean, i believe, tucker, that it's more sinister
10:28 pm
attempt by the left to say they want this radical country. the only way that they can achieve that is through complete chaos and confusion. and what is the best way to confuse children, confuse them about their sexuality. confuse them about their gender, expose them to things that their little brains are not ready for yet. that is how they are confusing children. it is leading to chaos. and big daddy government, of course, can be there to pick up, pick us all up and take care of us at the end of it. it's just beyond belief. you can't get kids involved in your creepy stuff, period. it's just not it's not complicated. and i appreciate your bringing this to light. sarah gonzalez. thank you. thank you, tucker. so that's all obviously a kind of child molestation. >> it's sexualizing kids and adults, as you just saw, are encouraging it. >> and some are profiting from it. hospitals are making a ton of money from it. they are mutilating children for no medically justifiable reason whatsoever, destroying their lives. >> we are all against female
10:29 pm
mutilation. >> remember, that was only a couple of years ago. there are whole groups against female mutilation. but now mutilation is like the cutting edge of cool and people getting rich from it. and we're athie with the spectator. london has done a lot of research on this. she's just obtained lecture slides from georgetown school of medicine, which was once a respected place. the spectator published a story moments ago. imber joins us first on this show to explain what she found. thanks so much for coming on to georgetown university hospital right in georgetown in d.c. been there many times. what are they doing? it's beyond disturbing. these students are being taught straight up lies and propaganda . and i want to point out that this is not some elective course. this is actually a foundational requirement for first year medical students to learn about the human reproductive system and human sexuality. and in this course, dr. david wrightman, who is actually a practicing pediatrician at georgetown university hospital and looks exactly as ghoulish as you might expect. by the way, is teaching these
10:30 pm
students that if they don't subscribe to the idea that transgender children need to be put on puberty, blockers, followed by hormone therapy and eventually surgical changes, that their patients are probably going to commit suicide. it's a form of emotional blackmail. and he's straight up lies about the negative side effects of these so-called gender affirming treatments, claiming that puberty blockers ,for example, are fully and completely reversible, which we is a lie because children who have been on these for years report insane side effects like osteoporosis. they report mental deficiencies. they report infertility in some cases tragically. so this doctor and georgetown, by extension, is pushing propaganda on medical students for financial and political expediency, where the jesuits, a jesuit school, it's affiliated with the catholic church, which you wouldn't think would want to be within 100 miles of any story where kids and intersect.
10:31 pm
why would the catholic church and i'm pro catholic, i'm just for the record, but like, why would the catholic church have anything to do with this? why wouldn't they immediately say, george , and you can't do this or you're no longer a catholic college? >> the fact that this is happening at a catholic school, tucker, i think really speaks to just how deep demonic influences have embedded themselves in our culture. i spoke to multiple catholic ethicists for this story who made quite clear that this is completely inappropriate and a huge violation of catholic medical standards, the catholic church, and especially its education arms are supposed to be teaching objective truth in biological reality. and the truth is that no matter how many drugs you pump into your child, no matter how many surgeries you put someone through, they can never be a member of the opposite . and god creates all of his children with love. he doesn't create his children in the supposed wrong body. >> well, exactly. and was just not that long ago, they were telling us born this way, which, you know, i kind of accept you should accept people as they as they they're born.
10:32 pm
but now no, you've got to get the doctors with the scalpels in the form of drugs in there to destroy them. it's really all bewildering. aw, thank you so much for your reporting on this. >> thank you, tucker. so you wouldn't think at this point what they're doubling down on crazy, right? >> because they think they're about to lose power on november eight . >> but the cdc is now trying to force children to take the cold vaccine. you thought those debates were over? they're not. they're accelerating unless your kids take the vaccine. according to cdc, they can't be educated in this country. amazing story. dr. marty makary joins us after the break. there's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they are. this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body. boys can be girls and girls can be boys. i went down this insane path. something hijacked my brain.
10:33 pm
criticism of the transgender movement. we'll get you canceled, kicked off social media. what in the world is going on ? the schools of actually recommended to kids, to activist resources, initiation, recruitment glovebox. people are uncomfortable. it preys on and creates broken families. i've had my son completely taken away from me. it is everywhere. the culture is out to get your child. tucker carlson, originals transgressive streaming that one fox nation sign up at fox station .com. >> hello, i'm mike lindell and i'm excited to announce that we're having the biggest bed sheet sale ever. go to mypillow .com or call that number on your screen. use your promo code and you'll save up to 60% for example, you get my twin size per kill bed sheets regularly. seventy nine . ninety eight now only twenty nine . ninety eight per kilowatt type of weave that gives you that
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10:36 pm
start saturday strong with ohio state. i'm on fox this week on the road in columbus. come to shoot america's number one game is big game saturday touchdown. >> buckeyes heisman strap heap. the second ranked buckeyes into a clash with the hawkeyes. the best three get the best. the biggest game, big new saturday, ohio, ohio state on fox. >> hi. jj is back because this is important. do you know of your medicare advantage plan? benefits are changing this year. are your cost and co-pays going up? is your doctor still covered during the annual enrollment? you can call to find out all the changes to your coverage. plus see if you're eligible for a plan with the benefit that adds money back to your social
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i feel like a 40 year old or a twenty year old. thank you. australian dream. >> it started in 1972. an avid young angler with a passion for fishing opened his first tackle shop in his father's liquor store. his goal of fellow anglers and provide great value for over 50 years. johnnie morris's dream has grown to serve conservation and all who love the great outdoors. it's woven in the roots of bass pro shops, friendly, passionate, outfitters, helping you build lasting memories, bass, pro shops and cowbells voted america's best outdoor retailer. so here's an amazing story that's been effectively buried. this week. the cdc's advisory committee on immunization practices is expected to add the covid-19 vax to the list of required childhood vaccines. if this happens, your children will not be able to attend school without taking the covid shot. >> now, the problem is there is no medical basis for this decision whatsoever.
10:39 pm
even the ceo of moderna is just admitted that most people do not need the booster. in fact, in this country, it's like four percent of adults have gotten the booster because they know now we're quoting it's going to be similar to the flu, he said. so what is this exactly? dr. marty makary is a man we trust. he's a professor at johns hopkins university. he joins us tonight to assess. doctor , thanks so much for coming on . is it an overstatement to say there's really no medical justification for this? >> well, there is certainly no clinical data. they've got data from eight mice on the omicron vaccine and young people and the child vaccine story is essentially a story of bypassing clinical data, which is why many of us are asking why even have an fda? why do we even do clinical trials? right now, we've got pharma saying, hey, we did a study. we're going to give you the top line of the press release. we're going to call the white house and the white house then calls the fda and the cdc and tells them to get in line. they bought one hundred and seventy million doses of this new omicron vaccine. there is never been a vaccine
10:40 pm
added to the child immunization schedule. without solid clinical evidence that reduces disease significantly in the community . the covert vaccine for children will be the first. it will be added with no clinical data. and many of us that are saying, hey, let's see the data. we're basically told stop asking questions. dr. xio, who's the chief covid adviser at the white house, has said he has seen the data, but it's not public information. what are they hiding? why can't we see this information instead? we're basically seeing this intense paternalism to really just do what we say and stop asking questions. and the cdc committee that's voting, i mean, that is essentially a kangaroo court. you have to be an official khadka carrying vaccine phanatic to be on that committee. if you're not, then basically they're not going to accept people who think that some vaccines are important and others lack the evidence to support broad distribution. remember, one in five thousand vaccine doses results in a severe adverse event,
10:41 pm
according to data from overseas from germany, because we don't fund that research in the u.s. and in israel, they took two hundred and eighty three people who got myocarditis from the vaccine. one of them died, two were in the icu. so if thousands of people are going to get myocardial, it is from this indiscriminate vaccination in young, healthy people. we're going to see some unintended harm. and my concern is that some schools may blindly accept this. so if the cdc decides to go ahead and put this on the routine vaccine schedule, it'll be up to states . and that's where i think parents have a right to say, let's see some clinical data before we force this as a requirement for school. >> well, yeah. i mean, this is like you're so understated in your effect. but what you're saying is shocking, i think, to the layman anyway. so i appreciate your saying it. i'm sure you're taking a lot of heat for it. but we're grateful to dr. marty makary, johns hopkins, thanks. >> thanks.
10:42 pm
so if you're bored, go on the internet and take a look at some of the protests breaking out in europe over energy prices. can actually live in some countries in europe because it cost too much to keep the lights on . black and companies like it are pushing. >> yes, esg and we're going to get that here. thankfully, one state has decided to fight back by hurting black rock . bottom line is bigger story than may realize. >> we've got two tales come out . >> hi, folks. it's the medicare annual enrollment period. >> and this year it's simple one before the deadline. call the number below to check your zip code for a medicare advantage plan with prescribed dental care and the benefit that adds money. back to your social security check every month. three , you'll find what you're eligible for. aep has a deadline call. now, i called to find a plan that covers more of my dental expenses. i call every year to make sure my doctor is still on my plan.
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10:46 pm
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is always go to right now and see how much you can save. so we're on the brink of an actual financial crisis and it could be a historic financial crisis. and no one who's paying attention should really be surprised by that because it's been slowly unfolding for more than a decade since at least 2008. and the federal reserve is , of course, driven it its main sin has been printing money with nothing to back it, devaluing the currency, making you poorer without you noticing it. that's a crime. but no one was ever punished for it. in fact, former fed chairman ben bernanke just got a nobel prize for handling the financial crisis, bailing out the banks. oh, let's give him a prize. but not everybody who understands macroeconomics is on board with this. some of them understand exactly
10:48 pm
what happened and its effects on you and everyone else in this country. stephanie pambo is definitely one of them. she's the ceo of macro mavens, which gives financial advice to firms and a very smart and very clear thinking person. so we sit down with her for an hour for new episode. tucker carlson today. >> we're going to bring you an excerpt from it. here it is . basically, the federal reserve posts that global financial crisis just flooded the system with money. and then when it happened, they redouble their efforts and just shove so much stimulus into the economy and inflated bubbles pretty much everywhere. you know, the stock market is hit bubble extremes. the housing market went bananas and then the corporate bond market, for example, junk rated borrowers were borrowing at four percent. interest rates, i mean, four percent. that's hardly any compensation
10:49 pm
for risk. if you're lending to a company that said junk rated company. so basically, by junk rated, you mean that's the evaluation of the likelihood that company will repay its debt. exactly. so a ratings agency is categorized those companies as having the least likelihood of actually being going. >> that is risky proposition to a bunch of money to someone who's likely not to pay it back . absolutely. but what's what got us to this point is that the federal reserve, when the more you push interest rates down, the more you force people to take those risks, because if you say to somebody who's trying to save for retirement, well, you can get zero percent in your savings account. i mean, you can't the miracle of compounding is gone. so how are you going to get enough money to retire on your no choice but to kind of take more risk? yes, you've at first you try to buy some investment grade paper ,but that's only yielding
10:50 pm
three percent. that's not even going to break even with inflation. so you start going farther and farther out the risk curve . so what happens is till you wind up a crypto. oh, that's a whole. i'm not just saying. but that's that's what that is . right now. >> it's pure speculation. it's interesting how the people in charge never talk about economics. they want to talk about race and gender, which can't be changed, but they don't talk about economics from which they are profiting. and you were becoming poor. so it's always worth having conversations about it. honest ones. that one airs 7:00 a.m. on fox nation tomorrow morning. so very quickly, something called yes gee is become one of the most destructive forces in the american economy, really the global economy. and the way it works is that investment companies pressure governments to sabotage their own economies, hurt yourself in the name of social and environmental justice. esg is one of the main reasons that sri lanka's economy collapsed. but in this country, some states are fighting back against it. louisiana has just announced it's divesting from blackrock because blackrock is one of
10:51 pm
the main pushers of lustick esg policies. >> the state of louisiana is pulling nearly eight hundred million dollars from blackrock ,says it's, quote, blatantly anti fossil fuel policies would destroy louisiana's economy. >> john shroder is the treasurer of the state of louisiana. and we are grateful to him. >> join us . thank you, sir. thank you so much for coming on . so they're trying it from the quote we just read to destroy the economy of your state and your saying we're not participating in this . well, no talk because they're going to use the money that we invest against us . i mean, that's insane. the whole oil industry already, the economy already, you know, battling with the federal government and now corporate america is starting to engage in it. and i'm not going to let our monies be invested in a company that wants to see one of the biggest industries that that drive louisiana destroyed. >> well, of course, it's kind of the last thing that you need. you shouldn't be ashamed of
10:52 pm
having an energy economy without energy. we don't have civilization. why are so few states doing what you're doing? >> i think each state handles their money differently. each treasurer manages different parts of of the investments. >> i mean, the money that i move was actually money inside of about sixteen dollars billion worth of trust funds that that we investors treasury. and this is something i've been working on all year. it totaled leaked out about ten days ago. through some public information request. so we we sort of got out in front of it. but but they're really going after the retirement funds. i mean, louisiana is about 70 billion. i don't know yet because i don't invest that money. i sit on those boards, but it's a lot of money. but i think what the citizens of louisiana and the citizens of this country don't really understand yet is how they use our own money to battle against states like those who are in
10:53 pm
the fossil fuel industry, but also whether invested money overseas and in countries that despise the united states of america. >> yeah, why would you send money to people who hate you? again, that seems like self harm. has this been a controversial decision? >> have you been criticized for it? no. this is this felt within the guidelines of the constitution. louisiana gives the treasury and the treasurer been elected the responsibility and the duties of the finances of the state. so we moved on our own. like i said, it it sort of happened over the last eight , nine months. it's something that i've been working with the state financial office foundation since last year we've been talking about. and you you start to see now more both states doing doing it. missouri yesterday, south carolina last week. so we've we've now probably coming up to about two billion dollars now that states have said enough is enough, good for you. >> you should be proud of acting in the interests of
10:54 pm
your own voters. and clearly you are. and i appreciate that. john schroeter, treasurer, thank you very much. more news straight ahead, testosterone levels are declining 10% per decade. this is chemical warfare on our country. what's wrong with our food is that not food and reliant on industrial processes? there's clear evidence that these chemicals causes problems with reproduction. no one in washington seems interested at all. if men can't reproduce the world over coeli. hi, jj is back because this is important. do you know of your medicare advantage plan? benefits are changing this year. are your cost and co-pays are going up? is your doctor still covered during your annual enrollment period? you can call to find out all the changes to your coverage,
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compensation. now, if you don't win, you pay nothing. collingdale three one zero forty two hundred. that's eight hundred three one zero forty two hundred. >> the mask singer is back with the biggest season yet. and we've got let the game begin. fox wednesdays, new costumes, every episode, deep history. i love that double unmasking every week and more stars than ever before. could this be tommy lee? tom holland, the coach, tom brady, the best player wednesdays on fox and watch any time on hulu. >> the people world cup has moved to the holiday spirit. this is going to make everything wonderful. >> we've got work to do. we're going to need a ton of star and sweater's is going to be getting kind of more . you.
10:59 pm
>> do you have any idea how busy i am this time of year? okay, maybe not a song. let's the reminds us money call christmas spirit. >> don't be frightened. oh, you know how much fox he's on the ground. this is the u.s. border right now. take a look at it. with reporting you can trust. it is not the first time vladimir putin has ratcheted up the nuclear rhetoric. fox news channel america is watching. well, we're almost done. we got to tell you about tomorrow. just so the one thing you know about bad people through history is they banned books. they burned books. book burning is bad. you still loud read any book you want. why are you afraid of books? what with that in mind, it's interesting to the amazon. the biggest bookseller in the world is colluding with the
11:00 pm
government to ban books without even knowing it. books they label as dangerous ideas that are forbidden. >> you can't read that book. well, we became aware of this and we decided to look into it in some detail. we reached out to amazon. what books are you banning exactly and why are you doing that? and it's really interesting what we found. >> we'll tell you tomorrow night. don't forget to episode tucker carlson say on fox nation, 7:00 a.m. we'll be back tomorrow night at. in the meantime, here's sean tucker. i have a question. is there any that anybody can force you to open a book? no one can force you to open a book your own free? well, which we used to have is the driving force. thank you. just simple, simple questions and answers. >> anyway, tucker, thank you. and welcome to hannity. all right. here we are, only twenty one days from the all important midterm elections. that means three weeks from tonight, it will be election night in america. and republicans, they are trending hopefully in the right direction. coming up, utah senator mike lee will be here at the very


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